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Rug Pads for Hardwood and Laminate Floor

Rug Pad for Hardwood and Laminate Floor is meant to prevent damage to the floor. Our rug pads are safe for hardwood and laminate floors and will protect against dents and scratches.

Rug pads for hardwood and laminate floor are available in Durahold, Rug-Chek and Deluxe Rug Pads. These hardwood floors rug pads do not contain any chemicals or adhesives that damage the floor. Durahold contains natural rubber safe for all hardwood and laminate floors. Rug-Chek is all natural rubber also safe for hardwood and laminate floors. Deluxe rug pad contains all natural recycled felt that is safe for use on all hardwood and laminate floors.


Durahold Plus Rug Pad
Durahold is an ideal rug pad to use on all hardwood, wood and laminate floors. It prevents wear to your area rugs, prevents damage to the floor and prevents the rug from slipping. Durahold contains a unique texture within the felt and rubber surfaces to grip to the area rug and to the floor. Since natural rubber is safe for all wood floors, Durahold will not transer to, stick to or mark any hardwood, wood or laminate floor.

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Deluxe Felt Rug Pad
Deluxe rug pad is excellent on all hardwood, wood floors because it is made of 100% recycled felt that is free of any chemicals and glues. For this reason, Deluxe will not mark or stain hardwood and wood floors and will prevent damage to area rugs and floors. This 1/4" thick rug pad is made in the USA and is dense enough to prevent penetration to your hardwood, wood, laminate floor, yet comfortable enought to sit and lay on.

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Rug-Chek Plus
Rug-Chek Plus is an all natural 100% rubber rug pad that works great on hardwood, wood and laminate floors to stop rugs from sliding and protect against damage. Rug-Chek is a 1/8" thick rubber rug pad made in the USA and unlike other similar looking rug pads, it is not sprayed with adhesives that damage floors. Use Rug-Chek Plus under rugs where thickness is an issue. Safety rated for all hardwood, wood and laminate floors.

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