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Durahold Plus

Deluxe Felt

Rug-Chek Plus


Welcome to Best Rug Pads
The Authorized Distributor of The No-Muv Family of Rug Pads
We are proud to offer the finest quality Durahold, Rug-Chek, Deluxe and No-Muv rug pads. With a U.S. Patent, Durahold can be used with any area rug on hardwood floors, wood floors, laminate floors and all hard floor surfaces. No-Muv is excellent for rugs on carpet to keep them flat and wrinkle free. Read More
DuraHold: Best non slip rug pad
Durahold Plus contains synthetic felt and natural rubber. Durahold is needle punched together into an extremely dense rug pad to protect all area rugs and all floors. The surface is textured to grab the area rug. The natural rubber lower surface contains a tire tread pattern to place more rubber in contact with the hard floor. The result is a rug pad that truly prevents rugs from slipping while protecting the rug and the floor. Use Durahold Plus rug pad under any area rug. Read More
Deluxe Felt: 100% Recycled Felt
For those rugs that do not require a non slip rug pad, Deluxe is a pure felt rug pad that is 1/4 of an inch thick. Deluxe felt rug pad can be used under any area rug on any hard floor. Deluxe is made in the USA of pure felt and does not contain chemicals, glues, latex or adhesives. Use Deluxe felt rug pad to protect any rug and any floor while adding comfort. Read More
Rug-Chek Plus: Non Slip Rubber
Rug-Chek is made in the USA of 100% natural rubber. It is an excellent non slip rug pad that, unlike other mesh looking rug pads, does not contain plastic, vinyl or adhesives. Rug-Chek is popular for use under hallway runners or anywhere thickness can be an issue, like in areas with door clearance issues. At 1/8" thick, it naturally prevents slipping, adds cushion, protects rug and floor, does not stick to or mark the floor and does not out-gas. Use Rug-Chek safely on all hard floors. Read More
No-Muv: Rug On Carpet Pad
No-Muv rug on carpet pad is specifically designed for that use. Perhaps the best of its kind, No-Muv contains a specially stiffened lower surface to hold to your carpet. The dense upper surface grabs your rug. Even with heavy furniture on your rug, No-Muv resists the weight and keeps rugs on carpet as flat and wrinkle free as possible. No-Muv is a synthetic felt and will not transfer to your carpet. use No-Muv rug to rug pad on all types of carpet to keep any area rug as flat and wrinkle free as possible. Read More